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What smells repel raccoons?

If you came to know what kind of damage a raccoon can cause in your home for sure, you do not want to see them in your home. It is not important that they visit your home in search of food because most of the time, they get in search of nesting to raise their younger’s. To repel the raccoons, you can use various home repellents to get rid of them. Before using those repellents, we recommend you use all the opening and just provide them only one place by using them they can leave the house. Seal all the vents or ducts with the steel metal and protect your garden with the fencing.

Follow the following smells to repel the raccoons:

Use of ammonia

Ammonia is found to be strong deterrents to repel the raccoons. If you have an issue with the raccoons on the chimney, then simply add the ammonia in a bowl and place them near to the fireplace, its smell will help you in repelling the raccoons. If raccoons are living in any other area, then soak the rag into the ammonia and place them near to the areas that are being used by the raccoons.

Use of spices

Although humans do, raccoons do not like the smell cinnamon, black pepper, red chili, so why did not you use these spice to repel the raccoons? These spices encourage them to leave the place and move to another secure place. Simply mix any one of the given spice in the water and then add into the spray bottle. Sprinkle on the affected area. Re-use the method if required again.

Use of pepper to repel raccoons

You can also repel the raccoon by the use of pepper. You can make this spray by boiling the water and by adding one t-spoon of cayenne pepper, all kinds of hot peppers, and then add the onion. Now boil this material for the next 20 minutes. Pour this liquid into the bowl and then add it into the spray bottle. Now spray this liquid around the house, plants, yard, deck, and attic or at the place which is being used by the raccoon or have raccoon’s droppings. Reapply this liquid after two days or until the raccoons did not leave the house permanently.

Use of light

Although this method is not so effective, it can help you on a temporal basis, and you can use this method at night when they are making noises or scratching in the walls. You can use light to scare them. Use the flashlight on their face; they will leave that place immediately and will hide into another dark place.

Use of mothballs

Although there are many chemical products that are effective and show very positive results, people avoid using them because of kids and pets. To get the chemical product type result, you can use the mothballs, and they have similar smells like chemical products. Place the mothballs near to the raccoon's nest and around the place where you do not want to see them. The smell of mothball will repel the raccoons for a long term basis. Use new mothballs when the smell is going to fade out.

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