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What is a Natural Deterrent for Skunks

Skunks are pests that eat insects, small rodents, grubs, carrion, fruits, vegetables etc. They can be so annoying especially when they decide to make themselves comfortable in your yard. They normally dig holes in search of insects, rodents, forages in trash; and they also pose serious problems to chicken owners.

Skunks pose serious health and safety hazards, apart from the threat of being sprayed with their obnoxious musk, they are also known as carriers of rabies and other diseases that can harm humans and pests. They will tear the trash bags open and topple the garbage bags, which can attracts vermin and other insects into homes or gardens.

Therefore, the best way to chase skunks away is by discouraging them from visiting in the first place. However, the following are some of the natural deterrents for driving skunks away:

Set Up Skunk Trap

Skunk traps are different from regular animal traps because they are molded to decrease the likelihood of the skunks from spraying their obnoxious smell. Spring loaded skunk traps are the ideal one to use because of its effectiveness. Set the skunk trap close to their den or anywhere they usually frequent, lure them inside with a bait and shut the door on them so they won’t escape. You can use the following as bait; sardines, peanut butter, cat foods or other foods that has a strong smell. After this, then you carry the skunk away from your home or garden and set it free in a place farther from your home, e.g. an open wild area or in the woods.

Deter with Predator Urine

One of the things that skunks hate to smell is urine especially from their predators, and as this is known, it is important to use their weakness to your advantage. Therefore sprinkling the urine of dogs, coyotes or any of their other predators near the den has higher chances of deterring skunks. Though you can get this from stores or from your own pet, the only limitation to this is that it must be applied regularly because rain can easily wash it away.

Mothball Repellents

Using mothball repellent is a simple solution and yet an effective way to deter skunks, but adequate care needs to be taken when applying it, because it is toxic to humans and pets. Just place the mothball in a glass jar and replace the lid, use a nail or screwdriver to make holes through and place the jar inside the skunk den. They will definitely avoid coming close to where the moth ball is.

Skunk Deterrent Lights

Since skunks are nocturnal animals, i.e. they only operate at night time and therefore shy away from bright lights. So, if you light up your home or garden at night, it is going to be unappealing to pests and will discourage them from coming closer.

Tidying Up the Home or Garden

To discourage skunks from coming around the home or garden, it is essential to get to the root of their food source. Skunks are scavengers and they will eat any nutritious thing they can find in your home or garden. Therefore, cleaning and clearing the home or garden against skunks is one of the best deterrents for chasing them away.

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